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UCSD Gilman Parking Structure Solar Array

The Gilman solar array is a visible demonstration of the beauty and power of a parking garage solar array.


University of California, San Diego, San Diego, California





Roof Mount - Photovoltaic
Roof mount, photovoltaic array support.

Solar Rooftop Arrays
Series of rooftop solar arrays.

Gilman Solar Panels
Gilman's photovoltaic solar panels.



UCSD Gilman

The solar array on the Gilman parking garage is one of the centerpieces of the UC San Diego campus' solar initiative.The installation of this array required a great deal of coordination to avoid interruption of any campus services at this critical intersection.  UC San Diego has been recognized by the Climate Action Registry has a “Climate Action Leader.”

These innovative solar arrays provide valuable shaded parking while generating clean renewable energy. The project was completed in partnership with the design services of Envision Solar International.


Install a photovoltaic system on an existing parking structure to supplement a larger overall campus wide renewable energy project.


313,230 kWh (Annually)

San Diego Gas & Electric

September 2008

Carbon Dioxide (lbs): 534,160
Gallons of Gasoline: 27,643
Barrels of Oil: 566
Vehicles Removed: 45
Homes Powered: 26

Acres: 1.7


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